FOR SALE – Webb County Trophy Ranch

The Ranch is a world-class trophy whitetail ranch located approximately 45 minutes Northeast of Laredo, TX in the famous Golden Triangle. The current owner purchased the ranch in 1998. The main body of the ranch consist of 2100 acres that are high fenced and have been under a strict deer management program for the past 25 years designed to maximize the potential of the native South Texas Whitetail genetics. 200 acres, later purchased on the East side near the front entrance, are low fenced. The ranch has excellent brush and is watered with six ponds and one creek. Also, the ranch has never been commercially leased and has only been selectively hunted.

The ranch is conveniently located 2.5 hours South of San Antonio, 3.75 hours South of Austin, 4.75 hours West of Houston, and 7 hours South of Dallas.


  • Trophy whitetail herd consisting of approximately 250-300 head. 100% native deer; no pengenetics or native outside deer were ever introduced. 2 bucks have been killed on the ranch scoring 208 and 196
  • Large dove and quail population
  • Javelina


  • Built in 2008
  • Approximately 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Custom wood interior finish
  • 4 bedroom, 4.5 baths; 4 car garage
  • Cement shingle roof


  • Large equipment barn with shop area and storage shelves
  • Skinning room with walk-in cooler


  • Two 60,000 pound storage bins for protein and corn
  • 6,000 pound Easy-Feed Bruton trailer
  • Two 5,000 gallon water storge tanks
  • 8 tower stands, 18 corn slingers and 15 protein feeders


  • All of the major South Texas brush species are abundant on this ranch, including Guajillo, Guayacan, Granjeno, Blackbrush, Mesquite and Huisache trees which produce bean pods that are eaten by all wildlife
  • The ranch is covered with excellent brush on which the deer browse


  • In addition to the 6 ponds, a large creek traverses the ranch from East to West