FOR SALE – Indian Springs Ranch

The 2,363 acre Indian Springs Ranch is an outstanding trophy high-fenced ranch located in northeast Knox County, Texas, approximately 1 mile South of the Wichita River with 1/2 mile paved FM 267 road frontage, feeding and wildlife management program in place, lots of water and beautiful scenery.

The ranch was recently stocked with a genetically superior whitetail herd, Aoudad Sheep and Axis Deer. No cattle has been on the ranch since 2006.

Indian Springs Ranch is conveniently located approximately 14 miles north of  Gilliland, TX, just off FM 287 and is approximately 3 hours Northwest of the Dallas, Ft. Worth metroplex.


Wildlife on the ranch includes Monster Whitetail bucks scoring from 180-250 Boone and Crocket, Big Axis bucks measuring 31-36 inches and trophy Aoudad rams measuring 26-31 inches.

Dove, quail, turkey wild hogs and fishing in the ponds provides everything the outdoor enthusiast could want.


60’ x 66’ metal barn with a beautiful newly constructed 1200 sq. ft. 2 bedroom, 2 bath barndominium complete with, air conditioning, TV and internet. The lodge is fully furnished and sleeps 7 comfortably and can be easily expanded. Utilities include co-op water and electricity.


The majority of the land is rolling with scattered cedar & mesquite tree cover. There are many varieties of browse for deer. Excellent native grasses include little bluestem, side oats, tabosa, silver bluestem, blue grama, harry grama, buffalo and switch grass. There are high vistas with awesome views overlooking great expanses. Elevations range from 1473’ to 1312’.

Most of the ranch is a strong red sandy loam soil … the best. The ranch also includes:

  • 3 food plots ranging in size from 3 to 5.7 acres
  • 11 Outback corn feeders (2000 lb. capacity); All feeders have 32’ x 32’ square pens, with hog panels
  • 6 Outback protein feeders (2000 lb. capacity)
  • 3 tower blinds, 10’ tall, 5’ x 7’, 2 insulated foam walls, Atascosa Wildlife Supply (Luxury Package)
  • 8 tower blinds, 12’ tall, 5’ x 5’, 2 insulated foam walls, Atascosa Wildlife Supply (Luxury Package)
  • 30 ton overhead grain bin, divided into two 15 ton sides so it can hold corn and protein at the same time
  • 3.5 ton capacity feed wagon with a strong blower; can fill 2000 lb. feeder in six minutes
  • 40’ storage container
  • Approximately 8.7 miles of perimeter 8’ tall game fencing, in excellent condition


  • 9 ponds scattered across the ranch, most of which have recently been dug out to 18’ depth; 2 of the ponds are new and one will be approximately 5 acres when full
  • 2 ponds have been stocked with bass, perch, red eared sunfish, and bluegill
  • Several creek ravines, with natural springs. One of the natural springs is quite large and provides plenty of water all year long.
  • Co-op water to house and watering troughs


You can hunt and fish this property year round. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to have your own beautiful trophy, high-fenced game ranch. For more information, contact Joe Wilson (214-784-3725),

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